Will Kindle kill the printed book?

I don’t think so myself but there has been lots of debate about this issue.  I do not have an actual Kindle device but recently started using an android tablet and discovered the free app to turn it into a Kindle and loving it!  I love my printed books and do not think there is anything better than relaxing and flicking my way through a great book.. it is a tactile experience for one thing.. a visual experience for another.  I cannot imagine my house without my favourite books colourfully lining the book shelves… from the large coffee table tomes to the lines of well read favourite novels… my row of Flashman novels, all my old science fiction chums, thrillers from Dennis Wheatley to Ken Bruen…  cookbooks that nearly inspire me to cook!

Nothing could replace that.  However, since installing my Kindle app I started downloading a few of the free Kindle books and now have a handy little collection of classics and some of the best from the free modern novels.  It is different but nice.  My android tablet is a good size, 10″, about the same size as an ipad, and comfortable to read with good clarity.  As I travel sometimes I am looking forward to being able to take with me on the airplane the equivalent of a suitcase full of good books.  I often have several reads on the go at the same time and dip between them according to my mood so the Kindle is perfect for that.

It is not going to stop me buying and reading ‘proper’ printed books but it definitely will enhance my reading experience and also extend that, so many great looking books available on the amazon kindle store and these days, since recent changes to their pricing strategy, outstanding value too!

It also made me think too… as a small independent publisher it is difficult to survive and promote books in the traditional manner, the amazon kindle store is a way to reach out to a much wider readership, global really.  With that in mind I decided to publish on kindle one of my author’s novels that already is in a print version, as per previous post.

Pricing is a main consideration but the tremendous thing about KIndle of course is there is no cost of production, so with that in mind I decided to price low to start so that a greater readership may be encouraged to buy and discover this fantastic book.  So, if you want a truly original read, 500 odd pages of murder mayhem and black, very black humour, all you risk is 99c!  And no trees were harmed in the making of this book!

Barbelo’s Blood by Joseph Ferri is now on amazon kindle here  that is for the US kindle store, the UK is here

If you want to dip your toes in the water you can click to Look Inside first and read the first few chapters plus reviews by Ken Bruen and other writers.