Website Management

Whilst most Galway Web Works website packages include a very easy to use content management system (CMS) you may require additional management services, there is always plenty to do in a business!  Galway Web Works can provide any additional website management service level that would assist you in keeping your website updated with fresh content, just ask.  That can include anything from ad hoc updates to daily updates.

Generally once your website is designed and handed over to you, there will be some maintenance required, such as updates to plugins or the operating system that runs your website.  It is especially important that you update the operating system to keep up with any current security threats.  This is easily done but MUST be done from time to time and full instructions will be given.  In addition it is HIGHLY recommended that you do regular backups of your entire website and database.  Again, easily done, but if you require assistance with this then please ask.  Backups will be automatically done at server level but much easier to do so directly yourself.