Web Design

Web Design in Galway and throughout Ireland

Original business website designs in Galway, Ireland, by Galway Web Works.

All new website designs conform to the highest web standards and are tested in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox Safari and Google Chrome. Latest websites are designed to be Fully Responsive and re-size to fit any mobile devices.

A clean, crisp, fast loading website with well laid out content and easy navigation is key to a good website design if you have products or services that your business provides and you wish to inform your potential clients about.

  • As a long term web user myself I know what can work, or not.  Just as we are used to channel hopping on the satellite television, so people surf websites… if a page takes too long to load a visitor may leave quickly. The first seconds after a page has loaded are enough to register interest.  Too much clutter, too many flashy effects or bad colour schemes and they are off to your competitors.  When the opposite applies and the page loads fast, the layout and colour scheme is appealing they will stay long enough to see what you have to offer or say.

The Galway Web Works website is an example of an original website design by Neil Mount which is a applied as a theme to a WordPress installation, which forms the engine for the advanced content management system (cms), more about the cms on the content management page.

I offer a friendly personal service and will work with you to develop your design quickly and can advise you on all aspects of design to achieve the results that will best serve the nature of your business.