Merging of Print and Web Publishing

As an Independent Publisher and also involved in print and web design in Galway it seems all these activities are merging in many ways for me.  The lines of differences are becoming blurred in this Age of the Interweb.  This blog was originally intended to focus on my print publishing efforts, promoting of course, the few books so far published by Galway Print, but also to engage in general discussion about books and the independent publishing world.

Lately it seems I am spending more time talking about website design, which is really just another form of publishing of course, less heavy on the rain forests though!  Indeed, most of my efforts to tell the world about the most recent book published by Galway Print, Barbelo’s Blood by Joseph Ferri, are conducted through the web.  The mainstream publishing world and the system that operates between them, the wholesellers and the high street bookshops are not at all friendly towards small independent publishers.  The Big Boys of the publishing world rely on their relatively small number of best sellers for their income, the majority of the other books they publish are there to fill the shelves and huge numbers of them are destined for the pulp mill.  The punative sale or return policies that rule the publishing world is a game that few small independent publsihers can afford to play.

The web allows me to sidestep many of those difficulties and opens up the whole world to readers in a way never before possible. Publishing a website for a book, such as Barbelo’s Blood brings an author directly into contact with the reader.  Making the book available for sale and despatch worldwide by an online independent bookshop such as my own website here cuts out so many folks in the middle.

My next step in merging web and print publishing will be to also publish Barbelo’s Blood in full electronic form.  Still researching the best way to develop that, quite a few formats available, but one factor will be to again try to avoid being trapped within the constraints of the traditional (or newly online traditional) giants.