Content Management

All business websites designed by Galway Web Works will feature an advanced content management system (CMS), powerful, yet very easy to manage through a browser based control panel.  This allows very advanced features to be installed to enhance your website, which will already be in place once the website is handed over to you, but the basic content management system is simple to use.  If you can manage Microsoft Word, then you can just as easily edit content, add new content, upload and position photos and much more!

The core of this content management system (CMS) is WordPress.  Better known as a blogging platform it is increasingly been recognised as the perfect engine to drive commercial business websites too.  Large businesses such as the New York Times, Ford, National Geographic, are using it for their own websites.   It is Open Source, free to use, and has many thousands of dedicated experts who are constantly improving it and adding applications to enhance the features available.  It is also very secure and has frequent security updates to keep pace with any threats.

There are many advantages to this as the CMS.

The starting point is your design, by Galway Web Works, which incorporates all the features that can be applied by WordPress.  The design is then installed as a theme.  This can be updated or changed in the future and at the press of a button the new look appears!

The CMS is the core operating system.  Data that is placed on the website is stored in a database.  Photos or attachment for download are stored in folders on the web server.  The CMS then gathers all this together when a web visitor requests a page and the page is assembled and displayed in their browser.

Fast and efficient.

All websites designed by Galway Web Works will have a customised pdf instruction manual to guide you in the use and potential of the CMS.  As already said, the basics are very easy, but later you may wish to do more and more as you learn about the WordPress environment.  It is actually really fun!