Barbelo’s Blood

Forty years of war
Twenty years of peace
Five seconds of bloody murder!

Captain Barbelo hunts the rubbish-strewn streets of 1980’s Brixton, exterminating the thugs that prey on the helpless.
Encountering the nefarious Illuminati, Barbelo embarks on Lawful Rebellion, declaring war on the real criminals – the British Government,
the World Banks

and the Vatican.

Joseph Ferri –

a powerful new force in fiction

has created an original anti-hero
that you will never forget!

“BARBELO’S BLOOD is unlike any other book you’ll read – ever.
Think, of Joseph Heller on Crystal meth.
A wild demented saga of dark and satanic glee.
Tighten your seat belts, you’ll never see an 82 year old in the same light again!”

Ken Bruen

Award-winning author of London Boulevard, Blitz, The Guards,

“Every now and again the world of Irish crime writing throws up a maverick genius… BARBELO’S BLOOD, is this year’s diamond shining on crazily from the rough.”

Declan Burke
Author of The Big O, Eightball Boogie

“… conspiracies, major philosophical concepts, action-hero thriller stuff and complete and utter madness.
A very, very different book that I heartily recommend. But not to my Mum!”

Donna Moore
Author of Go to Helena Handbasket, Old Dogs

Barbelo’s Blood is published by Galway Print