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Barbelo’s Blood by Joseph Ferri has its own Facebook page now here

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Some nice comments from readers on the Facebook page so drop in and have a look.  My Twitter campaign is slowly gathering momentum, time consuming but worthwhile to bring this terrific book to a wider readership thanks to kindle ebooks.  Learning all the time but at the moment I am selecting some snippets of the masterful phrasing that Joseph Ferri weaves throughout the novel, few examples below.  Quite an art form managing to work with the 140 character limit and also including a shortened link!

Barbelo’s Blood “It’s one thing getting in, quite another getting out” on kindle store #illuminati conspiracy thriller.

Barbelo’s Blood “Everything has a price, we’ve all gotta pay tribute, we’ve all gotta pay our dues” kindle #illuminati

Barbelo’s Blood “Even me – and I’d not seen blood on my hands for over twenty years” kindle #illuminati conspiracy

It was easy logic, a religious matter, my Gawd-given right! It was over quicker than a blink. Barbelo’s Blood on kindle

“Truth was, I’d been pegging the path of the walking dead a long time.” Barbelo’s Blood kindle #conspiracy thriller

He bled, hard. He screamed even harder. Nah, no regrets My pen was mightier than Excalibur. kindle #illuminati thriller