Barbelo’s Blood now available on amazon kindle worldwide

Barbelo’s Blood by Joseph Ferri is now available on amazon Kindle worldwide here. Illuminati conspiracy thriller – Barbelo declares war on the Illuminati, the World Banks and the Vatican.

Launched on Kindle by Galway Print Publishing at a special intro price of just 99c – Read it if you dare!  Probably the best entertainment you could imagine for less than a dollar!  Joseph Ferri – a powerful new force in fiction has created an original anti-hero that you will never forget.

Captain Barbelo hunts the rubbish-strewn streets of 1980’s London, exterminating the thugs that prey on the helpless. Encountering the nefarious Illuminati, Barbelo embarks on Lawful Rebellion, declaring war on the real criminals – the Government, the World Banks and the Vatican.

Ken Bruen says  “If ever a book warranted the caution: Not For The Faint Hearted – this is it! Barbelo’s Blood is unlike any other book you’ll read, ever. Think, of Joseph Heller on Crystal meth. A wild demented saga of dark and satanic glee… Tighten your seat belts, you’ll never see an 82 year old in the same light again!”

Donna Moore says “Lots of very clever stuff, lots of stuff that went over my head, and lots of stuff that made me laugh. Barbelo is a fascinating character, and the supporting characters are excellently drawn – particularly the women, two of whom I absolutely adored. I have no idea how to classify this one – magical realism meets hardboiled meets heavy acid trip, perhaps. A very, very different book that I heartily recommend. But not to my Mum!”

Barbelo’s Blood is an epic conspiracy thriller that you will never forget as our war shattered special forces veteran awakes from 20 years of trying to forget the violence of his past and the crimes the ‘Craft’, a secret black ops government organisation, forced him into committing.  His bloody vengeance meted out to the thugs of 1980’s London send shock waves through the city as his quest extends onwards to the very centres of power and evil in the World.

Brilliantly written by Joseph Ferri, Barbelo’s Blood will make you laugh and shudder on the same page.  Outstanding value on Amazon Kindle, if you are a member of Amazon Prime you can also borrow Barbelo’s Blood for free!  You can also download free apps for ipad, tablets and for the pc.  Don’t miss this special intro price, the book of the year!

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